We work to integrate exterior and interior architectural elements harmoniously. Period correct lighting design, woodwork, hardware, millwork, furnishings and color choices, when artfully combined can turn an old house into a remarkable home.  Photos to the left are just a sampling of our more traditional projects.  Please visit our Traditional page for full portfolio.


Contemporary homes allow us to combine colors, shapes and textures to bring out the best in the architecture.  We’ve mastered the ability to create a cutting-edge environment that’s warm and inviting while still sleek and modern.  Photos to the left are just a sampling of our more contemporary projects.  Please visit our Contemporary page for full portfolio. 


These spaces often overlooked and utilitarian, can be important pieces that compliment and carry through the design of the home.  From minimal to colorful, from historic to modern day, we provide rooms that are practical and functional but infuse them with character and interest.  A point of emphasis for us when designing these rooms is that they be well lit and easily maintained.  Photos to the left are just a sampling of our kitchens and baths.  Please visit our Kitchens and Baths page for full portfolio.    

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